Top 9 Best WordPress Membership Plugins 2023

The best WordPress membership plugins are:

1. Member Press

Member Press is a famous membership plugin that gives a nitty-gritty rundown of highlights and a bunch of mixes. It is given by similar designers as the Pretty Link Pro plugin and the Affiliate Royale plugin (which incorporates Member Press assuming you offer membered programs on your site).

2. Paid Professional Member:

Paid Memberships Pro is another notable choice with many elements. A novel aspect concerning this plugin is that you can get a free form from All things considered; most genuine membership locales will likely need one of the exceptional choices.

3. Confine Content Pro:

Confine Content Pro is a WordPress enrollment plugin for Pippin’s Plugins/Sandhills Development. This is a similar group behind the famous Easy Digital Downloads plugin and Affiliate WP plugin.

It is a group of heroes that helps you. This should give you the certainty that Restrict Content Pro will be around for quite a while.

4. Member Mouse:

Member Mouse is a turnkey WordPress membership plugin that makes it simple to set up a definite enrollment site.

There is just something single to remember. It works with a SaaS-style charging approach. This implies that you will pay a continuous expense considering the number of people on your site. The cost can be worth the effort for accommodation, yet it’s most certainly something worth talking about considering.

Likewise, Member Mouse doesn’t utilize the GPL allowed. This may not be what some WordPress clients like.

5. S2Member:

S2Member is a well-known choice accessible as a free form on and is additionally Prochoice.

The free form is very liberal with its usefulness and clarifies its prevalence. All things considered, S2Member is not an incredible choice for fledglings. The point of interaction configuration isn’t so much for novices, and easygoing clients will struggle opening its highlights in general.

6. Optimize Press:

Optimize Press is interesting in that it isn’t simply a WordPress membership plugin. He is likewise the maker of the greeting page and the maker of the objective accomplishment process. Assuming you need that usefulness, you can place everything in one bundle.

However, assuming you have a severe requirement for a lightweight enrollment plugin, you should utilize a portion of different choices.

8. Extreme Member:

Extreme Member is a famous free WordPress enrollment plugin (with paid augmentations). As indicated by, it is dynamic on the north of 100,000 locales, beating both S2Member and Paid Memberships Pro.

One thing to remember is that Ultimate Members aren’t excessively centered around selling paid memberships, they’re centered around building a local area. For instance, there is no implicit paid enrollment included, yet you can find outsider plugins that can interface with WooCommerce.

9. list of things to get Members:

A list of things to get Members is one of the old WordPress membership plugins. It’s been around for some time; however, it doesn’t appear to get as much consideration as other membership plugins right now. Dynamic advancement is yet going on. For instance, the designers just added GDPR consistency in mid-2018.

Which WordPress Membership Plugin Should I Choose?

I attempted to arrange how to characterize them. Considering my insight and the agreement of different specialists, the best three choices for most destinations are:

  • Member Press
  • Limit content experts
  • Paid member star

For instance, assuming you like the straightforwardness of Member Mouse and the implicit change help choice, that may be one motivation to embrace month-to-month SaaS charging.

Or then again, if you want something with the liberal free form and are happy with the perplexing point of interaction, I suggest you attempt S2Member. Similarly, if you’re searching for a lightweight membership plugin for local area building, Ultimate Member may very well take care of business.

In any case, begin with one of these three choices and branch out to find a WordPress enrollment plugin that precisely gives the usefulness you want.

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